Varsity Jackets

Varsity Bomber Jackets Collection

The word varsity is derived from the word university and the cheap varsity jackets that the apparel companies produce in ample amounts to meet the needs of the customers are mostly used by the students. One can say that the most simple and casual-looking type of jacket is the cheap varsity jacket. There is another variety of jackets called the varsity bomber jackets. The fleece of leather jackets that have some numbers or club logo that you commonly see the sportsmen wearing is the varsity jackets as they are the jackets used to represent an institution or club. The apparel industry is so skillful that it designs varsity jackets in various ways, some jackets are made of fleece but their sleeves are made of faux leather. There are different styles of varsity jackets that are very popular among the youth like there are varsity jackets with bodies made with black fleece but its sleeves are yellow with black and yellow ribbed cuffs, ribbed waistline, and ribbed collar. The varsity jacket is designed with button closures as well as zipper closures.

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